pondělí 22. září 2014

DIY vest from old T-shirt

Hello, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to share with you a nice super-easy DIY project I found on tumblr.
All you need is a men size t-shirt, scissors, 5 minutes - and tadaa ! You have a new vest =)
It looks great with all kinds of outfits. But most importantly it is an easy way how to get one of these oversized cardigan-things which mori girls wear.
(In case you live in a town where are no good thrift stores and you have make everything by yourself instead of just buying it for few cents... like me -_-)

I found this tutorial a while ago, but I didn´t want to buy a t-shirt specially for it - that would lost the sense of upcycling =) So I was waiting patienly until I found a hole in my bf´s t-shirt while I was ironing and instead of throwing it away I used it for this. It wasn´t XL like the one used in the tutorial, but as you can see it still works great !

Now I´m looking forward to buy some cool old large t-shirt in second-hand store when I´m in Prague and make the bigger version as well *o*
Because there is never enough of weird shapeless vests and cardigans in mori-girl´s wardrobe !

earrings, vest - DIY
scarf, quartz necklace - gifts from my bf =)
shirt, leg-warmers - C&A
skirt - Bershka

I hope you like this idea of recycling as much as I do. Old garments made into new ones instead of  polluting Earth with even more trash !

Have a nice day, everyone ♥

úterý 16. září 2014

♥ Porcelain Dolls ♥

Hello, my dear readers ♥

Do you still remember how I was working day and night on illustration for an exhibition in Olomouc? Yeah, it´s been almost half a year back...but ! I didn´t show you all the pictures yet !

So today it´s going to be an "art" heavy post *__*

I probably said it before, but I will do it again because I´m still happy about it =) This all happened thanks to dear Pierrette - owner of the most famous (and very first) Czech lolita brand Porcelain Doll which is not only an online store, but it also has it´s cute little shop in Olomouc.
When we were planning the collection of buttons with various Japanese styles with my illustrations I had an idea to make a set of lolita illustrations featuring actual skirts made by Czech brands. And Pierrette liked this idea so much that she said: "Let´s make an exhibition of it in my shop together with a tea-party!" Of course I agreed and so it happened at the beginning of summer and I had my very first tiny little exhibition ♥

Since I´m really critical about my own "art" it was absolutely amazing to see that so many people likes it and they even bought postcards and buttons with my pictures *o* What a motivation !

I named the set "Porcelain Dolls" because in the end I used skirts from Porcelain Doll only...more brands in the future, maybe ? Why not =)
I hope you will like them !

And if you really do, you can still buy some buttons



"Postcards from Paris"

"Cat Party"

"Ahoy !"

"Letters for Violets"

"Card Labyrinth"

"Nightmares 2.0"

"Queen of the Evening Lake"

For the first six pictures I used Polychromos colour pencils, black Copic marker and black Copic liners - they are all on A4
The last three are on A5 made with various inks

I hope you like them ♥
Don´t forget to tell me if you see anything what you think is wrong & advice is always wellcome !

You can find my "art" on

Have a nice day, everyone ♥

středa 10. září 2014

DIY long see-through skirt

Hello, my dear readers ♥

Very, veery long time ago I bought about 4m of a nice unbelievably cheap fabric (just 30cents for a meter !). I had a clear vision of what I´m going to make from it when I bought it, but...I never got to it - for three years ?! There was always something in the way - school, too many lolita skirts, no pattern, crochet, knitting, bad sewing machine ... =D

So when I unpacked my new sewing machine and (what´s the best) my new overlock sewing machine I had to try it on something before I started working on lolita skirts for the shop. And because I´m in need for some pretty witchy long skirt I decided to finally give this fabric its purpose =)

I wanted to make the skirt rounded, but then I found out that 4m is still not enough for a rounded long skirt and I really wanted a LONG skirt...so after an hour of searching on Pinterests and other websites...I ended up making the pattern myself by my favourite skirt ♪ It´s not perfect...if you look closely the skirt isn´t exactly symmetrical, but who cares ? I don´t =D

The fabric is really thin and see-through with a tiny little red flowers printed on it. I was thinking about an underskirt for it, but since it was middle of summer and totally hot I changed my mind and combined it with just short leggins - much more comfortable !

I wore it for a one-day trip to Munich somewhere in July. We wanted to attend local Japanese festival. I was imagining someting like our dear AkiMatsuri in Prague - a lot of Japanese people making their food, origami, great atmosphere...
...and I was terrified when we got there >_< Yeah there were Japanese people with food, but they were absolutely outnumbered by crazy, screaming, stinking otakus in bad cosplays ...uhhh bad cosplays, bad cosplays everywhere T___T !!!

Sooo we just walked through...I couldn´s see anything from the ikebana exhibition, because otakus were lying everywhere and screaming KAWAII and SUGOII on everything -_-
What´s more to say - we were happy to be out and went watching surfers on Isar. (there is a part of the river in the park where you can do surfing...if you know how, of course !)

And so instead of Japanese festival we at least finally saw the park, had some lunch and took a stroll around the center. It was terribly hot on that day so finally tried frozen yogurt ! Yummy ♪ 

Photos aren´t the best because sun was shinning on my usuall photo spot on balcony, so I had to take them inside and then in park...but I think you can see the skirt clearly =)

I put it together with my new amazing t-shirt with Ganesha and a matching headband which I made from a piece of leftover fabric from the skirt =D

t-shirt - Tally Weijl
headband, skirt, bag - DIY
earrings - WolfTea

Have a nice day, everyone ♥