čtvrtek 26. března 2015

Crochet Bikini Top, Christmas Sweater and UNICEF scarf

Hi, my dear readers ♥
I finally took photos of all the crochet/knitting projects I finished in the past few months ! I have no idea why it took so long =D

The first one is really ancient, I remember finishing it after we got back from France in Summer...?!! The reason why I didn´t take any photos of it is that I was still hoping for some warm summer days at lake, with hula hoop and picnic ...
A few days ago I said to myself OK stop waiting, I will put this on, pretend it´s summer and finally take some photos ! ha ha... and found out that the crochet bikini top isn´t as perfect as I remember it... I don´t know what happened, but my nipples are peeking out when I wear it =D ha ha ...whatever ! I will wear it with tank top, it looks good as well.....or for sun bathing... or at home ! =D

I used crochet hook n.4 and some cute yarn I bought in Kaufland
the pattern is from a German magazine "Kleine Diana - Häkel Lust" 07/2014

Hippie flower power !
...and I really want something like this
( Anyone knows about a good pattern? I searched ravelry twice and never saw one I like =/ ... so I will probably try to make one myself, because I NEED IT *o*)

The second thing I want to show you was meant to be my masterpiece, but ended up being a BIG joke =D ...but a good one !
For years I´ve been planning to knit a sweater for my boyfriend as Christmas gift. First I didn´t know how to knit, then I didn´t have any good pattern. Last September I finally found a magazine full of knitting patterns for men *o* So great! I chose the one I liked the most, ordered 1000000m of yarn, new needles and slowly.....slooooowly....very slowly...knitted a sweater for my dear boyfriend...
BUT...apparantely I chose a yarn too thick and the sweater ended up looking more like a sleeping bag than an actual sweater.

It took me so much time and efford to knit the front and back part with all those cables, that even though I knew it´s going to be huge, I finished it =D
It´s so humongous that I couldn´t find a box for it !
I had to sit on it while packing and used 1000m of duck tape, but it was still looking like it will explode in a few seconds !
When I wear it, it ends at my knees and sleeves are double length of my arms !
ha ha ha =D

I used circular needles n.10 and yarn Istria from Vlnika, pattern from Verena Special - Strick Fashion for Men

The last thing I want to show you is pretty simple and unexpected project, but I really like it and wore it trough all cold winter days.
Some day before Christmas we went to Christmas market to have mulled wine and just as I was drinking my second cup I noticed that the UNICEF stand has yarns for sale ! That instantly cought my attention and after I found out that they are selling a paper bag with yarn, pattern and pair of needles to support kids in Syria, I was giving them my money and went back home with a new skein of yarn and feeling that I did something good =)
After all these never-ending cables I was in mood for something really simple - for knitting while watching fairy-tales and romantic Christmas movies.
So I did just a simple infinity scarf from garter stitch ♥

I don´t remember which size of needles I used, but the name of the yarn is Basics Capello from Lana Grossa

... and full outfit photos !
I wore my new grey dress from Gudrun Sjõdén ♥

+ bonus

I couldn´t help it, he looks so terrified =D

Back to knitting !
Since Christmas I´ve been working on an over-sized crimson sweater for me, I finished The Lonely Tree Shawl and Baktus for my friend *__*
A lot to post about !
...let´s keep fingers crossed that I will manage to finish this sweater when it´s still at least a bit cold and not at the beginning of June =D

Are you knitting / crocheting something at the moment ? I´m curious, tell me =) !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pondělí 23. března 2015

"art" post - January/February

Hi, my dear readers ♥

January and February were cold and grey so I was drawing mostly colorful watercolour pictures of my OCs, because they always make me happy =)
I also tried a bit of coloring in PS, but still...I like watercolors more ♥

" I´m a creep, I´m a weirdoooooo ♪ ♫ ♪ "

Elweera loves music and everytime they get a bit drunk with Niam they sing out loud their favourite songs with her playing guitar.
It sounds surprisingly good, because Elweera is a pretty good musician and Niam has a beautiful elven voice ♪

I´m trying to learn how to draw emotions and more "alive" picture - this was the first one =)

"Her Kingdom"

Momo loves all kind of plants and really miss living in an elven forest. That´s why she´s buying more and more flowers, cacti and succulents and her room slowly starts to look like a little botanical garden. She´s studying botany, so it´s allowed by Niam "for study reasons", but what´s not are fairies - it´s forbiden to take them from forest and keep them in a city.... so, please don´t tell anyone =) !

This was so much fun ! I have to draw more pictures like this - a lot of details, watercolors and cacti ♥

Elweera´s winter problem...
....and Momo´s solution !
-be careful what you are saying when knitter is near-

I fell in love with this photo so much that I just had to draw it ♥

At the beginning of February I finally saw Maleficent and she was so pretty *o*
Copic try after a while ...

portrait practice
... I don´t know if I like it or not =D

evening doodle =)
I was too tired to do something bigger, but I really wanted to draw !

This one is already from March, but it matches the topic so I will put it in this post as well =)
Momo´s fairies on their own picture, so you can see them better !

I used masking fluid on this one for the first time and it was great *o*

And now for some big news concerning my "art"

Remember my never-ending "I-have-no-idea-what-to-do-with-my-life-crisis" ? It got better ever since I closed my lolita shop and the harness Etsy store goes much MUCH better, so I don´t have to worry about money and actually can have some plans with new products...
... but still, if I ask myself a question "Is this is what I always wanted to do? Did really my greatest passion became my job ?" I´m not sure about the answer. I still love drawing so much...I can´t help it ! I have this tiny little feeling in my head that I shouldn´t give up, work more and maybe one day I will get somewhere...it´s all about confidence and that´s a thing which I almost don´t have........and that´s why I need you, to support me, to motivate me - I´m not collecting followers like Pokémons =D Just... every new follower is like a big kick for me to continue and believe that maybe it isn´t as bad as I see it >_<  sooooo thank you in advance if you decide to "give it a like" ♥

Critique is very important, so if you see any mistakes or think of some picture that it´s a complete crap - say it =D it´s not like I will never take a pencil in my hand again, I need to learn =)
Thank youuu ♪

P.S. I started to put together some posts about fairtrade fashion, food and lifestyle....it will take time to collect photos and informations - but I´m working on it !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pátek 13. března 2015

Black Sabbath

Hi, my dear readers ♥

According to my outfit posts it may look that I wear only skirts and own absolutely no pants. But the truth is that ever since I moved to small town, started to travell everywhere with a bike and now that I go for a dog walks two times a day...I wear pants all the time =D
For a long time I was always telling everyone that I hate wearing pants, because they are so tight and uncomfortable. The reason for this resentment was that everyone around me was wearing either blue jeans or cargo pants - which are both totally ugly and uhhuuggghh >_<
But then the leggins trend appeared and I slowly started to actually like wearing pants... later I also discovered the magic of harem pants and now I don´t think they are a bad thing at all - BUT STILL NO CARGO PANTS AND TIGHT BLUE JEANS ! =D

Leggins are great, but when the weather gets chilly they are not as warm as you need. So I started to look for something thicker and decided to take a look in my favourite Chapati in Nürnberg and maybe buy a pair of winter harem pants...
...and after a few minutes I walked out with these amazing, warm, red, boyish, winter pants *o*

I like them so much ! They are so comfortable for travelling, bike and everyday wearing ♥
So this is basically what I am wearing the most of the time since I got them as a Christmas gift in December =)

The funny thing about this look is that appart from my pants and shoes all things I´m wearing are my boyfriend´s clothes =D He was cleaning up his wardrobe and I found some great pieces there !
The hat was one of my first knitted beanies, but it´s too big for him so I took it back. Over-sized grey cardigan is must-have in mori/strega wardrobe and the Black Sabbath t-shirt was my gift for him when we started dating, but it shrinked over the time so now it fits me perfectly =D I got quite a lot of band t-shirt like this, they always shrink so much !

I´m really happy about all of this, because I finally sorted out my wardrobe to that point that almost everything I wear is fair-trade, bio-cotton, handmade or recycled ♥
And you know what? Last month I collected totally full huge Ikea bag of clothes which I absolutely don´t need and gave them to an institution for drug addicts and homeless people =) I´m proud on myself, I have to say =D it felt great and now my wardrobe looks so much emptier !

In case you live in Prague and have the same problem with way too many clothes which are still in a good shape, but you don´t wear them anymore - tell me and I will give you contact for the institution - they will appreciate everything weareable. I used to throw all my unwanted clothes in those green containers, but then I found out that just a minimum goes to charity and most of the clothes are being washed and sold in huge second-hand stores ...

OK, stop talking for a while, here are some photos ! =D

Speaking about ethical fashion, in case you haven´t seen it yet - Norwegian TV Aftenposted did a great short (just 5 episodes) "reality-show" with three bloggers, who went to Cambodia to see where are their "sponsorship gifts" and other cheap clothing made
I already talked about it on tumblr and FB, because I think there is still sooooo many people who think this is all fake. That it´s just an urban legend their nice pretty clothes from sales were made by poor people who are starving and slowly dying while sewing it ... one of those people who don´t want to believe in it is, for example, my mum. Last time I was telling her not to buy things made in Bangladesh, she told me "That´s not true, you know ! It can´t be ! I don´t belive it and I will buy it anyway, I don´t have money to buy fair-trade clothing and I don´t have time to look at tags and search where it was made" ...and how about not buying it at all at the first place? Her wardrobe is already full of clothes which she doesn´t have time to wear... it´s like a sickness of modern age to buy clothes everytime we are sad or just bored. And we do so much damage by supporting all these brands ! I´ve been aware of what I´m buying for more than one and a half  year and it´s great - not only I saved a lot of money, did good things for other people and environment, but most importantly it feels so much better ! Helping and caring is actually great thing to do =D

What do you think about it? Would you like me to write more on this topic? Maybe some shopping guide and tips how to dress ethicaly? Tell me ♪

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥