středa 27. července 2016

Burton Vestigan

Hi, my dear readers ♥

A while ago I discovered this amazing pattern by Ela Torrente and I was sure, that I will knit it one day - for me or for my husband ♪
I was just contemplating about what yarn to use when Lanade came up with a sale on Malabrigo Chunky, which is exactly the same yarn used for the original version of this design.

...and then begun the worst part - what colour to chose ??!
I love the dark-green version of the original, but I already have a green vest... grey or black is too sad... a few minutes I was sure about violet... and then... dark blue happened !

So I ordered it right away and started knitting as soon as I picked up the package. The main plan with buttons was to buy them in Amsterdam - and I did ! I found these big cuties at Stephen & Penelope and now they remind me of their amazing shop everytime I wear the vest ♥

I started the project in the middle of May and thought that I will probably have the chance to wear it at the end of September, because it was already getting warm... oh, how mistaken I was !
It was 13°C for more than two weeks, so I was wearing the vest every morning for dog walks =D
With two pockets and a nice big comfy collar it's perfect for cold mornings ♥

Even though it looks quite complicated at first sight, it was really relaxing, easy knit. I haven't been knitting with such a thick yarn for ages and it grows so fast in comparison with my usual fingering weight yarns =D  

...oh and I finally learned how to make pockets !

Gorjuss bag - Santoro
galaxy skirt - ages ago in H&M
shoes - Vagabond

I didn't have a chance to take some nice photos outside, because it was raining all the time. So I took these photos before we went to take a look in a huge art supplies shop Boesner which recently opened in Munich. I think you can imagine the look on my face when I stepped in the huge supermarket filled with all kinds of art stuff ...

Of course I couldn't leave without emptying half of my wallet... here's what I bought... 

gold leaves, small handmade paper cards, Ecoline Brush Pen for lettering, gouache challenge accepted, small brushes and this hi-tech liner from Pentel =D

... and here's my first try with it... it's nothing super-special, but quite cool to work with ♪

Speaking about my art... did I already tell you that I opened an Etsy shop with originals and recently added postcards with my tea fairies ♪♫♪ ?

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pondělí 18. července 2016

Rainy Days

Hi, my dear readers ♥

At the beginning of June we had a visit of our friends for the whole weekend ♪ We did a lot of sight-seeing around Munich and got totally drenched in rain (or at least me) ... at that time it was raining two weeks in a row already?!
What a terrible start of summer this year in Germany >_<

And this is what I was wearing ♪
Rain sucks, but at least you can do some layering !

I think PlazmaLab lately became my super-favourite brand... everything is ethical, original, made by young artists, amazing, beautiful, comfy...AND I WANT TO BUY ALL OF IT !

neckwarmer - hand-knitted by me
necklace - DraculaClothing
dress - PlazmaLab
tote bag - Mono merchandise
shoes - Vagabond

We saw a lot of interresting things and places on that day, but I think the most bizzare sight in the middle of Munich is Eisbach Wave - it's a wave on an artificial stream which is running through English garden and surfers can be seen there all the time - in every weather, in every season... it's pretty rare for someone from middle Europe, so I'm always mesmerized by their skills *o*

Video zveřejněné uživatelem @opheliavioletta,

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pondělí 11. července 2016

Mittelaltertage Haar

Hi, my dear readers ♥

This year the weather during spring was so bad - especially on weekends - that we visited only ONE medieval fair so far =( 
We spontaneously went to take a look at Mittelatertage Haar, which is almost still in Munich... so we didn't have to travel far away in case of the sudden change of weather.
It was unexpectedly sunny Sunday, so we decided to give it a try ♪

And it was great *o*
A huge field, full of shops and people wearing costumes ! There was also live music and delicious mead :3

(quite a nice decoration for Huffelpuff common room, I think) 

I didn't plan to buy anything, but then I saw a stand with handspun yarn...asked the ladies if I can get a photo... we started to talk... and yeah, I bought a skein of Lama yarn in beautiful brown colour ♥
I´m already knitting a bolero from it ! It's called "Shelob" and the pattern is by amazing ffrench ♪ I wanted to make something I will be able to wear on historical festivals and I think this will be perfect... and of course the LOTR-themed name is a nice bonus =D

I wasn't thinking much about the outfit - I just wanted to wear this beautiful skirt and then matched  with it some random accessories ♪

oh no, these glasses again =D !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥
(it's 30°C in Bayern today >_< eek! I want to go swimming in the lake !)

pondělí 4. července 2016


Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to show you my mori outfit with the most amazing beret I own =D

 I'm wearing it everytime it's a bit colder ever since dear Mim oredered it for me from TaoBao ♥
But now I finally put together a complete mori outfit !

I found out that it matches perfectly with this super-cute mori top I found in Pick'n'Weight... and the top looks best worn with this red dress which I have for ages in my wardrobe and used it just for harness photos, because in combination with my red hair it's just... too much red =D

I wore this outfit on one half-sunny/half-rainy day in May.
We went to city centre to look around shops and I bought two new pairs of sunglasses - two - because I couldn't decide which one is better =D ha ha
We had to wear them right away !

We also discovered a huge Italian (super)market and got a new bottle of Aceto Balsamico di Modena (nom - best thing you can put on salad!). I showed Honza the Japanese shop I visited with lolitas last time, but they didn't have much stuff so we just bought this matcha...cake?

When the rain started we went to see a free exhibition of 100 years of Leica photography. It was really interresting *o* There was a lot of amazing and moving photos... for example - original (!) of this photo by Nick Ut... I have goosebumps everytime I see it ...

After we saw everything on the exhibition, the rain was pouring so we quickly went to underground station and headed home - good thing I had the sprout on my head to save me from rain ! =)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

úterý 28. června 2016

Reyna & Mystery Socks

Hi, my dear readers ♥

I managed to finish quite a lot of knitting projects in April, probably because I didn't have proper internet connection =D

The first one is Reyna shawl - pattern by Noora Laivola, which was a KAL (knit along) of Vlněné Sestry, I decided to participate even though I didn't have time to buy a yarn from VS (if I did I could win a voucher). 
So I bought a beautiful Malabrigo Sock in Lotus colorway in an amazing yarn shop Die Mercerie and made this simple, but nice shawl for my mum's birthday ♪

I highly recommend this pattern for all beginners, because it's really easy, fun to knit and you need just one skein of Malabrigo Sock... or any other Sock weight yarn which has more than 340cm =)

The second April project were socks !
Sock knitting was a topic of the month on Czech FB knitting group and I decided to make a pair as well... this time some fancy pattern =D
I chose Mystery Sock '09 by Kirsten Kapur and bought a nice orange yarn from Wolle Rödel ♪
It looked pretty complicated at the beginning, but then I got into it and it was actually pretty easy to knit =D 
I´m so happy about the result !

Some people asked me if it's not a waste of time to make such a pretty pair of socks and then wear them only at home...
...and I was like: "Who says I'm going to wear them at home ?" =D
Here's an outfit !

 Koblížek necklace by Saki's Forestglade Jewelry

this is what's really happening when I'm taking outfit photos =D

best socks ever !

Currently I'm working on "Spark of Grey" shawl by Melanie Berg and I just finished Han's 
speaking about dear Han - she has a new super-cool website about knitting, crochet, spinning, yarn, sheep,...and much more =D TAKE A LOOK !
♥ ♥

Have a beautiful day, everyone !