úterý 24. listopadu 2015

ApfelFest 2015

Hello, my dear readers ♥

Same as the last year, at the end of September there was an apple festival on farm near Ingolstadt. And same as the last year the weather was beautiful *o* It was so warm and sunny ! Apples, apple pies and apple juice everywhere ! I don´t know how many kilos of apples we bought, together with 5l of fresh apple juice and one pack of dried apple chips :3
We met there with our friends and their cute little daughter (remember how I was talking about my kidsphobia - she´s an exception - the cutest kid ever !). After we stuffed ourselves with typical Bavarian lunch (not healthy at all !) we took a walk through the apple orchard which is always so calm and nice... I want one at home =D Then the sun hid itself under clouds, wind started to blow, it got cold and so we went home... but it was such a nice day ♥

I decided to wear my new poncho - the one I bought on the fashion market at the beginning of September. It´s from a shop which was selling fairtrade clothing from Nepal. They had so many beautiful things *o* I wanted to buy everything ! But in the end the poncho won, since I don´t have anything like that in my wardrobe.
Until it started to be really cold outside I wore it all the time for dog walks and shopping - it´s so practical and warm !

I wish there were more festivals dedicated to fruits and veggies ! I only know about cabbage festival, but I don´t like cabbage that much ha ha =D
How about strawberry festival or asparagus festival ? There has to be asparagus festival somewhere, since it grows everywhere around Ingolstadt *__* I´m sure about it ! 

I hope you´re all fine and healthy - not sneezing like me ugh -_-
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pátek 20. listopadu 2015

Swap Meet 2015

Hi, my dear readers ♥

As every year at the beginning of autumn Franconian Princesses organized a lolita swap meet - the only day in a year when I buy lolita clothes =D I don´t buy anything anymore, because I don´t have money and if I do I spend it for some clothes which I wear more often ... Black Milk leggins !

This year it was just a few of us, but still we had a great time, sold & bought some things, had a tea, cakes and talked a lot =)

I didn´t plan to buy any dress or skirt, because I think I have enough lolita clothes already. Instead I was looking for some ouji things this time *_* I plan to give it a try again, I used to wear this style a years ago and it was always nice to be a cute boy for a while =D Also it´s a lot more comfortable for travelling !

After I bought my first ouji pants on the Metamorphose tea party I needed a good long shirt... and I found it ! Together with other pair of pants from Innocent World *o* I also bought a nice black bag and a velvet headbow in the same colour ♥

Since swap-meets are always taking place at someone´s home I´m trying to wear something comfortable and cat-hair-resistent =D

This time I wore my autumn jsk which I made a while ago and wore it just twice, I think. I really like the fabric and the colour combination, but it´s so hard to coordinate it in some nice lolita outfit =D So I ended up wearing my mori-lolita-creation again and I couldn´t complain ! Super-comfortable for travelling, warm and autumn-themed ...not 100% pure lolita, but who cares

outdoor version

indoor version

choker - Porcelain Doll
kobliha necklace - Saki´s Forestglade Jewelry
dress - made by me
fox scarf, bracelets - C&A

And one more photo from Benni =)

I´m so lazy to sew any new lolita things for myself  >_< I have two beautiful fabrics, lace, ideas, everything, but I just can´t start sewing it ! I gave myself a deadline which was the Metamorphose Tea Party but it didn´t help... I still didn´t touch it... well, maybe in spring ... ha ha

I hope your all fine ♥
Have a great weekend, everyone !

úterý 17. listopadu 2015

Flower Motif / Japan Shawl

Hi, my dear readers ♥

It´s been ages since the last time I crocheted something ! There is so much to knit, that I just don´t have time for it... what a shame ! I like crochet so much =)

The last thing I made is a very popular Flower Motif Shawl also known as Japan Shawl - here´s the pattern on Ravelry. I discovered it thanks to Rooster Hill who got inspired by Vevka and it didn´t take long and Han did it too - the same pattern, from the same yarn in the same colours... and all totally beautiful =D ...so as soon as a Czech yarn shop Tvořivá Ovečka (crafty sheep aww) had sale on Drops yarns I bought them, too and started working on my own Japan Shawl =)

... but then I learned how to knit and started knitting and knitting and the shawl was waiting in my project box until spring. Then, when it was finally finished we went to take photos, but storm came and all of them were bad =D ...after spring, the super-hot summer arrived and I had absolutely no mood to take photos of a shawl. So I ended up taking photos of it one year later after I started it  <_< eh heh

Nevertheless, it was worth the while because we have the new camera now, so the photos are much better than ever ♥ (sorry for always talking about my new camera, but I just love it)

As always we took photos in the nearby park among the trees. I wore colourful autumn mori outfit again. I really want to put together more mori outfits with colours !

I got this beautiful necklace made of felted balls from Wel as Christmas gift last year ♥ It matches perfectly !

I found this beautiful light-blue top in second-hand *o*

oh, and here you can see my new amazing bag from RedBubble
Punk Harry Potter by great Aicha Wijland alias Art of Pan ♥

Appart from taking photos of me and my shawl I also snapped some pictures of Honza wearing his new infinity scarf. I hand-knitted it from "t-shirt yarn" - it´s a looong thread made of old t-shirts. We found it in 1euro shop for a really good price *_*

I used THIS tutorial

After the "photoshoot" we decided to take a walk around the town with Satan and found out there is a HUGE market with handmade things in Ingolstadt ! How could have I miss something like that ?!!
It´s only once in 3 years or 4 years ! WHY T_T
I need something like that every month =D

Not only there were tens of amazing shops, delicious food, but also a hula hoop tent where people could try, buy or learn how to hoop *___* heaven !

I bought there a fair-trade poncho from Nepal and a new pretty thing for my dreadlocks ♥

We also had the first hot mead of the year !

What a great autumn day !
...and now, back to knitting =D
Lately I´ve been busy with Christmas gifts, but at the same time I really want to start one of the 1000 projects from my Ravelry favourites x_x

I hope you´re all safe ♥
Have a beautiful day, everyone !

pátek 13. listopadu 2015

DIY Elven Cape from an Old Bed Sheet + Burggrabenfest

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Rember the "Shawl from an old t-shirt" tutorial? At the same day I made one more thing, this time not from an old t-shirt, but from an old bed sheet ! Yay =D I love recycling old textiles !

I tie dyed it in the same colour as the t-shirt - I think it was just black, totally normal fabric dye from a craft store. After it got dry I had quite a big piece of nice thick fabric... so I looked through Pinterest for some inspiration and found this cool idea. I didn´t want to make a coat, just something shorter so I thought I might try to make a hood from the leftover fabric ...

This isn´t a tutorial, because I improvised with the sewing but I took a few photos of the progress and also wrote down the measurements ...so you can try it as well, if you want =)

here is my tie dyed bed sheet
it´s about 200x130 cm

this is how I cut it and prepared for sewing


great idea how to make nice rounded cut-out
(from this tutorial)

Then I sew around the edges of the whole fabric, so it won´t shred - with overlock machine, or you can use zig-zag stitch on normal sewing machine =) After that I sew together those two parts where you can see the "sew" on the picture - to make sleeves.

Then I sew together the two parts of the hood and applied it on the neckline... ha ha this wasn´t as easy as I thought =D but I´m sure you can do it ! better than I did

finished - elven cape from a bed sheet !
perfect solution for all elves on budget =D

I made these earrings a while ago as well - DIY everything !

Fancy make-up after a while, so here´s a detail of my face =D

cape, shawl, earrings - DIY
dress - H&M
tights - C&A
shoes - Vagabond

I wore this outfit for a medieval festival in Nürnberg which dissapointed me greatly =/ The ticket was quite expensive and there was nothing interresting inside for us... it was mostly for kids -_- So not only it was boring, with embarrasing "funny" performances and shops with just a cheap ugly stuff, but the worst thing was KIDS EVERYWHERE ! I have some serious problem with kids, I´m scared of them because I mostly hate them, they stink, they are loud and they are contagious eeek >_< 

So we stayed at the festival just for an hour, had a cup of mead with sweet pretzel and got out. Luckily we decided to go there on Friday evening, so we didn´t kill the whole Saturday with this "amazing" event =D Wwe went to look around the town and discovered a super-cute medieval tavern *o* Inside it looked like in Skyrim, there were long tables full mostly with fantasy-fans or other pople like this ha ha =D we had a mead, beer and an Eintopf (it´s basically a pot full of cooked veggies) all served in nice ceramic dishes ♥ Much better than the festival !

On our way back we walked through the festival again - to take a look if it got better in the evening... it didn´t, but it looked nice =)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

úterý 10. listopadu 2015

Les Houbeles

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to show you a mori-girl outfit with three amazing things I found in Prague. As I said before, there are almost no second-hand stores in Bayern so everytime I´m in Prague I have to go in one no matter what =D Which usually means that Honza is waiting outside with Satan (because he hates the smell of second-hand stores), looking at time nervously and checking if I´m not buying anything terrible... so I always have like 15minutes to run around the store, pick up the best pieces, pay and get out ha ha =D I´m not complaining, because the more time I could spend there, the more terrible things I would buy, so it´s fine like this !

In summer I did this quick shopping as well and suddenly I saw a really pretty pattern among all these weird dresses there. I thought, hmm this looks like ...OH MY, IT REALLY IS GUDRUN SJÕDÉN ! FOR 3EUROS !!! which is like 70euros cheaper than it would be in the shop ! ...and in green colour AND in my size ! My friend called it "second-hand find of lifetime" ha ha =D

Together with the dress I also discovered this mesh shawl in the same shade of green as the dress, so I took it as well =)

The third great thing I bought in Prague is the LES HOUBELES tote bag ♥ I had no idea there is a shop like this ! They have everything for mushrooming - which is a very popular activity of Czech people =D Knifes, rubber shoes, baskets, tea cups in the shape of toadstool (I NEED IT milý Ježíšku), clothing with mushroom-themed prints and of course this tote bag ! I like mushrooms so much, they are so cute ...

dress, scarf - second-hand
necklace - DIY from home decor
tote bag - Les Houbeles
shoes - Vagabond

What was your best second-hand find ?
I wish I can find more basic t-shirts or tank tops, but they always look terrible and washed out...

oh, and speaking about mushrooming, today I unintetionally drew a picture matching with this post =)

Yes, I´m still drawing - more than ever !
I don´t post my pictures here anymore, simply because there is too many of them =D
you can follow my "art" on
tumblr Auberginen facebook

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥