pátek 11. srpna 2017


Hi, my dear readers ♥

Long time no museum outing post !
On one rainy Sunday we finally visited Lenbachhaus - a peculiar building, half moder, half built in Florentine-villa style. We had no idea what to expect inside, so we just entered and found out that this museum doesn't have 1euro tickets on Sundays :D The interior caught our eye so much, that we ignored the ticket price and went on another art adventure ♪

At the lower part of the gallery is contemporary art, various instalations and huge digital prints (love it) ♥ 

On the second floor is an exhibition of Munich painters

... and a room dedicated to The Blue Rider movement with the super-famous "Blue Horse I" by Franz Marc. Honza usually doesn't show any emotions when it comes to paintings, but this room made his eyes sparkle a bit (he he)

While he was admiring brush dynamics on Marc's paintings, I was standing, starring and admiring for long minutes this amazing Salome by Franz von Stuck ♥ I even come back to take a look at it again, because it's just


also this is one has an amazing atmosphere ♥

But the most peculiar part of this gallery are rooms of Franz von Lenbach which were created to look like art gallery, with muted light, dark green walls and many beautiful decorations - suddenly you feel like in a castle - or - in a real Florentine villa with a view on beautiful garden decorated with sculptures and little fountains ...

One of my favourite parts about art galleries (aside from the art itself, of course) is the art shop :D I love buying small art-nerd stuff and
here I didn't make any exception ! I had to buy a big poster of the Salome painting and also this super-cute enamel pin with the Blue Horse I ♥

I went all new out of the house on this Sunda - with head much lighter without my dreadlocks, new succulent sweater and pair of "formal" comfy pants which Honza refused to leave at the shop. I can't really see what's so special about them, but he loves them  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

sweatshirt & pants - C&A
shoes - Nike
bag - ArtOfPan's RedBubble

ehm, now concerning my dreadlocks

Why I cut them off after more that 3 years?
- they were heavy
- messy
- and I was too lazy to do the proper repairs regularly
- I couldn't use any natural hair products like Lush shampoo or henna
- too short to do big hairstyles, too long to be worn in other hairstyle then the same bun every day
- I couldn't change my haircolour (the horror)

How I did it ?
- at first I tried to comb them out, but it took me 1 hour to comb out half of one... and I had like 30 of them on my head ?
- I cut them off to 10cm and comb that out
- it took a whole day, nevertheless
- it hurt
- I used a lot of unraveling conditioner and hair balsam
- this hairstyle is my work
(- I planned to go to hairdresser, but I didn't because I'm lazy)

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask ♪
I'm still super-happy that I had them for so long, because it was always my dream to have the real dreadlocks. Maybe one day I'll come back to them... but this time they HAVE TO BE white ! :D

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥
and sorry about the Solas, he broke my heart, too

úterý 1. srpna 2017

Tardigrades in Space

Hi, my dear readers ♥
Today it's an outfit post with many things I want to mention ♪

First this is historically the last outfit post with dreadlocks - big change is coming !

Second - THIS SKIRT - amazing, huge, long, flowy, dancing skirt which I bought from Veni :) 

Third is my new bag from RedBubble with tardigrades painting done by no one else than KK !

Fourth thing worth mentioning is the necklace I'm wearing - it's handcarved from bone, by talented finsternich and it was given to me by dear Striga ♥

And the last thing I want to show you is my loot from Boesner, which is a huge art-supplies super market and consumer of the most of my budget :D ha ha 
On this day, I went there just to buy more carton canvases, so I can continue experimenting with acrylic liner and spray... hm... I ended up with an incredibly heavy tote bag full of art stuff... 
Aside from canvases I also bought more liners, nib holder, new watercolour sketchbook, silver spray and this BIG and absolutely amazing book full of anatomy studies of old masters and the great art teachers ! One of the best art-related books I ever found *o*

our lovely family photo :D
(Honza photobombed my outfit photo with Satan in cardboard box)

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

čtvrtek 20. července 2017


Hi, my dear readers ♥

As I said in the previous post, the season of summer adventures started in May on one exceptionally busy weekend. I already wrote about German ComicCon, ArtMuc fair and today is on the schedule  true tourist post !

We planned to visit Salzburg for quite a while, but the weather was either bad or too hot to spend the day walking through historical streets. I was in Salzburg once already with a school trip and it was a wild ride for Christmas markets, it was cold, dark, we spent most of the day in traffic jam and I rememeber only how we bought this super-sweet apple on the stick covered in candy which was impossible to consume without getting a sugar overdose :D

This time I finally saw more :) The day was nice and sunny, we took Satan with us and made a tour around the whole town. We had a lunch at gluten-free pizzera Beccofino with a super-kind staff and delicious food. Then we went throught the small cute streets, gardens, climbed to the castle, wandered around in the heat (it got pretty warm at the noon) and in the evening we had a little snack at Modern Art Museum café which has a wonderful view on the Salzburg castle ♥

We definetelly plan to go back, probably in autumn, because I need to see the view from the castle with colorful trees *o* Also the Modern Art museum sounds like a good place to visit ... 

And now for some photos !

this was the creepiest and coolest underground passage I've ever visited *o*
I think it's actually a vault, a huge, long big-ass vault in the hill with the castle on the top ! 

 (no insta filters added - we've got a new camera lens from Murhaaya as gift ♪ )


say goodbye to my dreadlock bun, only one post left and it's gone :D

This is my favourite photo I took in Salzburg ♥
I love how you can see mountains behind the castle, it's giving this city such a fantasy magical atmosphere !

I hope you're all doing fine :)
Have a beautiful day, eveyone ♥

úterý 11. července 2017


Hi, my dear readers ♥

The busy summmer is here ! I have so much to write about, but only very little time to sit down and make posts :D That's why I'm a bit late and today I'm going to show you a few pictures from an event we visited in May ... May was the beginning of busy summer - since then every weekend is booked already, we're making trips, hikes, we're having visits, concerts and 1000 other things to do ♥ 

This was especially busy long weekend in May - there was a national holiday on Thursday and free day on Friday + weekend and we had schedule for every day. On Thursday we went on ArtMuc, on Friday to Salzburg, on Saturday was ComicCon and ...yeah, I've already forgotten what was on Sunday :D

Today I want to show you a few photos and my "crinkled" outfit from day we visited an art fair ARTMUC. It was on Praterinsel, same as the Art Stroke last year and there was a lot of artists selling their art... I, personally, was a bit disapointed about it, because I didn't manage to find many artworks I liked... I had a feeling like there was a lot of rivality between artists, trying to sell abstract paintings with "no life" for a very high price to rich people who came for a new decoration for their luxurious Munich appartements :D
(Art Stroke was more like a fair, with artists having fun and showing their works to the world, happy about every sold postcard with print of their artworks... )

We walked through the fair, I took some photos of my favourite pieces, we had a wine at the bar and then we slowly walked home, because the day was quite nice :)

And now for my crinkled outfit !
I didn't notice it was in SUCH A DIRE NEED of ironing until I saw these photos D: So I apologize in advance for the mess ! It wasn't THAT visible in real life, I promise ♪

I got this dress from Veni's closet cleaning and I really like the mint colour ♥ I combined it with black and most importantly with my new cutest enamel AVOCADO CAT pin from PONY PEOPLE !

I hope you're all doing fine ♥
Have a beautiful day, everyone !