pátek 29. dubna 2016

Chalice for Girls

Hi, my dear readers ♥

I'm so happy when I look at fashion trends for this summer =D Hippie bell-bottoms, fringed tops and white lace tunics everywhere ! wheee *o*
But who has the time and patience to wait until summer? I don't.
So I'm wearing my bell-bottoms and hippie witchy clothes already ♥

Here's an outfit I wore on one special March day when I was in Prague. After years we finally met again with our "old" lolita group ! So nostalgic ! We didn't wear lolita clothes anymore, but we had so much fun talking about the "old days" =D Instead of frilly clothes and tea in café, we were all comfy, met in geek pub and got a bit drunk ha ha - we definitelly have to do this more often !

I combined my beloved blue pants from Velvet Cave with new amazing t-shirt from The Ahoy with design from my favourite artist NataszaKura alias Space Manifesto. She released four witchcraft-themed designs for The Ahoy... it was a hard choice, but in the end I bought Chalice for Girls
I already bought an art book from Fukari on Ahoy and I can only recomend this cute shop from Poland =) The delivery is always fast, the quality of products perfect and what's more - everything is made and printed in Poland ♪

choker - DIY
t-shirt - The Ahoy
pants - Velvet Cave

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pondělí 25. dubna 2016

Cozy Neighborhood

Hi, my dear readers ♥

According to the title it almost look like this post is going to be about my new home, but I have to dissapoint you - it will be about knitting again !

Those who are following my chaotic blog on tumblr maybe remember this gif I made two years ago =D

I bought this super-huge skein of grey yarn in Kaufland and I was sooo happy about it =D (back then I had no idea about synthetic/natural yarns, maybe I wasn't even knitting yet)
The skein is really big - about 1200m, exactly an amount needed for a simple sweater ♪

The yarn was waiting in my box for a while, because I didn't have the skill to transform it into something wearable, until beginning of this year. I decided to finally use it, mostly because I needed more space in the box =D
Since it's just a cheap yarn from Kaufland, it doesn't have the perfect info about weight - and me - not expierienced enough - thought it could be a sport weight... so I was looking for a pattern from this kind of yarn.
After hours of searching I got back to the beginning and chose

The pattern is easy to follow, the sweater is knitted from top down and thanks to the simple cable in front it doesn't get boring =) it was fun and I learned a lot about knitting sweaters thanks to it ♪

When I was at the end I started to see that sport weight maybe wasn't the right guess =D I was so scared that it will be another "sweater for Hagrid" piece, but in the end I added just short sleeves instead of regular ones and it got a nice oversized look ... phew !

So, the sweater doesn't look exactly like it should, but I like it anyway ♥
I wear it quite a lot, even though the spring started already... for example today - it was around 0°C in the morning and it snowed ... <_< eh

leggins - LovelySally
shoes - Vagabond

And now back to my pile of WIPs !

I finally bought a knitting basket in IKEA, so I can work on more things at once without being in constant fear that Satan will make his new toy from them =D

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

středa 20. dubna 2016

Shopping Day in Nürnberg

Hi, my dear readers ♥

I'm back online ! yay *o*
I don't know why it always has to takes ages to get internet connection here in Germany -_- but appart from not being able to run my Etsy shop, it was actually pretty refreshing to be "disconected" for a while =)

As I said before we moved to Munich and have a new apartement in 4th floor, full of light and with two balconies ♥ I still didn't quite got used to big city life and most of the time I act and think like I'm still in Ingolstadt =D for example I'm planning to go to city centre for weekends, while I can go there whenever I want because I have an underground station just around the corner and it takes only about 30 minutes to get there =D

I wasn´t up to much during the move, but still I managed to collect a lot to post about, so I will make two posts a week again, I think ... to not get behind as usual <_<

Today I want to show you my outfit and a few pictures from March day in Nürnberg ♪
We went there to buy some things, have a lunch and take a look around shops. We went to burger restaurant (again!), but this time not Hans im Glück but a simillar place - Kuhmuhne - where I was with lolitas once and really like it =) This time I had a salat with goat cheese and my favourite sweet potatoe chips ♥ nom nom

On our way to the restaurant I discovered totally amazing yarn store *o* It isn´t new, actually it celebrated 35 years recently, but I had no idea there is such an amazing place for yarn lovers in Nürnberg !
The shop is called Tolle Wolle and you can find it on address Weinmarkt 10. Inside is so much to look at that I had to go there twice =D First before the lunch just to take a look around and then I got back at the end of the day to buy some yarn. There was so much to choose from that I had to think a bit about colours and leght and... knitters know what I'm talking about =D
Ladies who own the shop are super-kind and were knitting the whole time I was there, always ready to answer my questions about materials and prices =)
There was not only yarn for sale, but also magazines and finished products ♥
Next time I´m in Nürnberg, I´ll stop by again for sure !
(btw. I added a new bookmark on my blog called "yarn adventures", because I plan to visit all kinds of interesting yarn shops and events in the (near) future *_* !

On that day I decided to wear an old/new skirt which I recently found in my workroom =D that sounds exactly how my workroom looked - like a huge pile of everything everywhere... but that's not truth anymore ! I threw away SO MANY things (not only from my workroom) during the move, that now it almost feels empty =D
I bought this skirt a few years ago, and it was available in my old shop in vintage section. There were two of them a smaller and a bigger one. The smaller one got sold and the bigger one got lost after I closed the shop... and now I found it again ! It's no longer bigger on me (eh >_< ), it has a perfect lenght and it's really comfortable ! How could I forget about it ?!
Combined with my new hat, favourite cardigan and Sad Ghost Club t-shirt it made an outfit I really liked and even got some compliments about it in shops =)

hat - H&M
t-shirt - The Sad Ghost Club
shoes - Vagabond

We did quite a lot of shopping, which was our main purpose of this trip =D
I stopped by at craft-supply shop and got there Bristol papers which I´ve never tried before and they are amazing ♥ I also went to my favourite fairtrade shop in Nürnberg - Chapati and bought there this super-cute skirt/leggins-over-skirt from Moshiki *o* I know this is going to sound silly, but we went to Rituals cosmetics for the first time and got really excited about their products =D ha ha ... I bought a little perfume and got this Miracle Set for free o_o The last stop was the yarn store, where I bought two skeins of super-soft Chinese yarn made of Tibetian Yak and one skein of Japanese ITO - both in colours to match my new Moshiki skirt ♥

I hope you´re all doing fine !
Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pátek 25. března 2016

Waiting for Rain

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Today I want to show you an unexpected knitting project from February ♪
As you probably noticed I really like designer Sylvia Bo Bilvia alias Softsweater. I already made more than five of her designs and I don´t plan to stop making more =D I don´t think there is a pattern I don´t like in her ravelry store ...

So I got super-excited when Sylvia announeced a KAL ("knitting along") of her latest pattern "Waiting for Rain". I´ve never done a KAL before, so I was super nervous that I won´t make it on time. -for those who have no idea what I´m talking about- KAL is a group knitting of the same pattern in a set time (for example 30days), and at the end the designer picks randomly winners who get yarn, patterns and other sponsored gifts-

First I had to choose a good yarn. I wanted to match colours with the name of the pattern, so something blue/gray like sky before storm. The Drops Delight in Blue is exactly what I was looking for. I could do the shawl in just some simple nice one or two colours, but I´m sucker for gradient and colour-changing yarns so it was wild as usual =D

When I got to the first lace part it scared me a bit that it won´t stand out and the beautiful pattern will get lost in all these colours, but then I always saved the darker part of the yarn for it and it worked out great *o*

As I already said I was pretty nervous about not making it on time with all the blocking and taking photos... so I was super-fast this time ! The shawl was finished in just 14 days ! (which is normal, but I usually knit everything for ages ...)

When the shawl was finished, I washed it in softener and started to block it on the bed in my workroom as I always do... and in this moment I discovered that my shawl is two times bigger than it should be =D again

Many people asked how I did it, but I have no idea ...probably the yarn was thinner that it should be and needles too big for it. But I like it anyway =) It looks great !

I decided to take photos by the small pond near our house and I imagined the weather for photoshooting to be a bit windy, cloudy, maybe even rainy - to match the character of shawl.
... and I got a snowstorm.
Ice-cold freezing snowstorm.

But it was totally worth it !
I really like the photos we took ♥

and here´s a funny photo how I wear it on daily basis =)
When it´s colder I wrap it twice around my neck

I wore the shawl since I finished it almost every day - it´s too warm for the colourful Porteau Cove scarf already, but still cold enough for a light knitted shawl =)

As I said already - we´ll be moving soon.
The time has come and as soon as I finish this post I´ll dive right into moving boxes and packing madness. Which means this blog will be silent for a week or two, because I have no idea when we will be connected to internet again ... (last time it took two months D= )

Our new apartment looks super-cool, has two balconies and one room has a view right into a huge tree *o* also it´s in 4th floor, so there will be MUCH MORE light than in our current 1st floor flat =D 

I still have internet connection in my phone, so I´ll be updating my instagram as I always do ♪

See you in a few weeks !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pátek 18. března 2016

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Hi, my dear readers ♥

At the end of February we attended a special lolita meet-up of Franconinan Princesses - it took place in beautiful Christmas/Harry Potter-like town Rothenburg ob der Tauber *o* Which isn´t exactly close to Ingolstadt, but we always wanted to visit it, so why not ♪

We were really lucky, because the sky was completely clear and it was sunny... unfortunatelly still pretty cold, so we were freezing most of the time =D Girls made an appointment with tourist guide, so we had a nice 2-hours-long walk around this beautiful city and heard everything important about architecture, houses, traditions, etc. it was really interresting and thanks to the the guide we also found out that there is a house which appeared in Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows p.1 as house of Gregorovitch *o* whaa !
Actually I´m not even surprised, because Rothenburg really does look like some wizard town (...and it is for sure) ♥

After the tour with guide we split from the others with Honza and Satan. Girls went taking photos in the garden, but we wanted to explore more, because unlike others, we were there for the first time =) We went to take a look in the cutest Kathe Wohlfahrt´s Christmas Shop which looks like endless Christmas, or the big shop from Home Alone 2 =D It´s not allowed to take photos there, but I found a video on YouTube, so you can take a look here ♪

The shop is there the whole year, same as "Schneebälle" - Snowballs - which are sweet pastry balls covered in various stuff ... I had one in Alps and personally think it looks better than it tastes =D it´s really nothing more than just a ball of pastry with ton of sugar <_<

I decided to wear ouji for the occasion, since we spent quite a while in car and I didn´t want to wrinkle my lolita skirt and petticoat. It´s also more practical with the dog, because I really didn´t want to have his paw prints all over my lolita dress =D

So I wore my new Innocent World pants for the very first time, together with the funny hat I recently bought. I added a cross on my pocket and ended up looking like some aprentice vampire hunter =D 
(I´m always making up stories for my ouji outfits)

hat - H&M
pants - Innocent World
shoes - Vagabond

And here are some photos of the town ♪

 I like taking photos of silly souvenirs =D

mr. Ginger Cat

The final part of the meet-up was (of course) food ! We had a reservation in traditional restaurant which had this cute hippogryph sign and looks totally like from HP ♥

It was a really nice day and I´m happy that we finally visited this town. Our plan is to come back in summer for the whole weekend *o* I´m already looking forward to it !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥