pátek 23. ledna 2015


Hello, my dear readers ♥

Today I have just a simple outfit post for you - no long talks and hundreds of photos =D

I didn´t have much time and opportunities to dress up and take pictures of my daily outfits before Christmas. Probably because I was working on new harnesses, buying gifts and most of the time I was running around after my dear devilish puppy...

Now I finally set up my daily routine and have time to dress up, take photos, work and go to dog walks - which means - I have a loooot to post !

I wore this mori outfit for Christmas shopping at the beginning of December. The plan was to make some proper outfit with this beautiful dress from Gudrun Sjõdén, but in the end the nice embroidery isn´t visible under the collar at all... so maybe next time =D I also wore my new DIY faux fur legwarmers which I wanted to make for ages ! (I bought the fabric like two years ago?!) I know you can´t see it on photos, but they each have three cute wooden buttons on one side :3

... and the tote bag ! It´s so cute, that I just had to buy it even though I already have 10000 tote bags >_<  BUT  this one was special ! I bought it in bio-grocery store and supported little birds with the purchase ♥

flower hairclips - H&M
toadstool earrings - DIY
dress - Gudrun Sjõdén
cardigan - C&A
legwarmers - DIY
tote bag - Alnatura =D

I hope you don´t mind my silly dog photos, but Satan is always running around like crazy (he loves our balcony) and half of the photos have a small black moving ball on it =D so in the end I always pick him up and we take some photos together he he

oh, and long time no music !
I had no idea how to name this post, so I used one pretty song from Bonobo - DJ whose albums are now every day set on repeat on my Spotify ♥

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pátek 16. ledna 2015

Christmas Lolita Meet-up 2014

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Like every year at the beginning of December there was a huge Christmas lolita meet-up in Prague. There aren´t many bigger meet-ups in Czech republic anymore and only one where you can be sure that you will meet lolitas from all around the country, new people and your best friends - is this one.

This year I was really looking forward to it, because I haven´t seen the most of my friends since summer and there we were about to reunite again *o* The meet-up itself was a bit special this year, because organizers changed and so did the place where we met.

And...now I think it´s finally the right time to say what I think about the meet-up, because I haven´t shared my thoughts anywere online, yet. 


Even though there were three (or more?) organizers, the whole event was quite chaotic. I know one of the main organizers was sick and couldn´t  be there, but still...

I don´t know where to start - so first - food (very important for me, of course =D). I was really dissapointed about this one. You probably remember how I was starving last year, because all the cakes were already eaten when I arrived and I had just one muffin with wine, so I ended up a bit drunk and totally hungry at the end of the day =D ...this time the menu in the café looked really promising at the FB event. (But just to be sure I had a lunch at home before I left - and I was soooo happy that I did !) In the end there was just a cold pasta salad with myonnaise  (which I don´t eat), cakes - but all filled with whipped cream (which I don´t eat), sushi from supermarket (which I don´t eat, because I don´t trust the quality) and at the top of it "chlebíčky" (which - guess what - I don´t eat because of the huge amount of myonnaise on it). So instead I was drinking wine again and slowly got into i-don´t-care-anymore-but-i´m-starving state of mind. But maybe that was unfortunate only for me, because everyone else seemed to be enjoying these "yummies".

second - programm
eh...this was weird. There were some really interresting things, but in the end it all ended up really...chaotic =/ Like the fashion show - so many girls were preparing for it for such a long time, making absolutely new things for their shops, spending hours with sewing and looking for models and everything...and in the end - it just got lost in the café. I almost didn´t notice that the fashion show started, I haven´t heard anything about the dresses, the waiter didn´t know there was something happening so she kept on asking who ordered what in the middle of the fashion show so everyone started laughing which made models really uncomfortable and it all ended up pretty akward... *second-hand embarrasment lvl. 9000*
Then there was a baking competition, which was a cute idea only if organizers didn´t forget to put numbers on the sweets. So we got our voting lists, but we didn´t know how to vote...
Same with the "best outfit" competition - just a very few people got the name tag at the entrance, so I had no idea what are the names of other lolitas. So we voted just for fun for each other or for the waiter...in the end the waiter won the first place. ha ha....eh
So after this we all thought - OK maybe the raffle will be interresting and fun. But, sorry no. it was sooooo long, because there were so many prices and like 50 handmade soaps which in the end no one wanted and went back to the table, so girls had to pick up new numbers again and again and it was annoying and long and annoying and long and hey I won a handmade soap as well !

third - I almost forgot - the place
Now I´m going to look like a real hater, but... I didn´t like it. It was small for all our petticoats (only one toilet for 50 lolitas?!) and very scattered. The café has two floors and a lot tables all around the place + a weird glass room without any windows where selling stands were placed and poor girls there didn´t have enough air to breath at the same time as they were dying from heat - which didn´t help the business either. Everytime I went there to look at clothes and accessories all I wanted was to go out as soon as possible =/
Because of the tables all around the place, the small staircase and the thing that you always had to go through a photo-corner from our part of the café I ended up sitting the whole time at our place and chatting with my best friends - which was great......but I really wanted to meet some new lolitas as well, but...they were just lost somewhere in the chaos...

So we ended up talking to each other, hungry, tired from the warmth and waiting for our last friend to arrive. At aroud 18 I stood up to take a look around for other people and found out that the café is empty...everyone left without saying anything =D (it the past years the people who were leaving at least said "bye bye" to everyone) heh...OK
An hour later we were so hungry that we took all our gifts and petticoats and moved into a celtic pub at the other side of the street =D
Which happened to be the best idea of the day - they had the THE BEST burgers, good beer, tasty wine and amazing MEAD ♥ We had a lot of fun there and if we weren´t all dressed up and tired from wigs, we would have stayed there until morning =D
Sadly, at the end of the day we agreed that next time we will probably go straight to the pub in casual clothes ... <_<

Now I have to say something possitive about the meet-up =D ha ha
I´m really thankful for the organizers that they made something like this, so we all could meet and I keep my fingers crossed that next year it will all be much better =) ! Also the photo-corner was a cute idea, because we all have an outfit photo from the event made by a professional, in a good lighting and everything ♪

End of the talk - now for some photos of my outfit !
I wore my new Innocent World skirt together with some brown and gold accessories ♥

wig - Lockshop
skirt - Innocent World
accessories - H&M and C&A

Appart from reunions and chatting is the Christmas meet-up about gifts ♥
And I got so many of them *o*
Thank you so much !

bunny buttons !

I loooove these bookmarks made by Mirabel

"baked tea" made by Maxé - delicious !

late birthday gifts from dear Pierrette ♥
These over knee socks were my dream item ever since I started with lolita !!!
They will be perfect with the steampunk jsk *___*

... and my personal loot =)
flower crown with little fake mouse skulls and toadstool punk headband - both made by Veni
brooch with succulents from czech indie brand Sleeping-beauty

I hope I didn´t make anyone angry with the review >_< 
 Nevertheless, it was a really nice day and I´m looking forward to next year !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

úterý 13. ledna 2015


Hello, my dear readers ♥

Almost a year has passed since my last lomography post ! I haven´t been taking much photos, so it took me a really long time to finish the last film. Now I finally got it developed and found a year old photos together with some great summer memories ♥




Prague - Modřany




Chiemsee - Herreninsel

Paris - Versailles

...to be continued
My France adventures are on the film I need to finish... hopefully sooner than next winter =D

As always I´m curious which photos you like the most !
I like so many photos from this set, that I can´t chose a single one - mostly because of all the memories I see on them =)

Have a nice day, everyone ♥