čtvrtek 21. května 2015

Kirschblütenfest Meet-up

Hi, my dear readers ♥

I have so much to blog about ! 
... ever since the weather started to be pretty, there is so much to do, so much to wear, so much to draw, so much to write about *o*

Sooo...let´s start with the oldest thing I have here - photos from April lolita meet-up =D
This was a great one ! We met in Fürth (which is a small town right next to Nürnberg) where Cherry-Blossoms-Festival/Hanami/KirschblütenFest took place at a really nice green field/park in the middle of block of modern flats. (these houses were so pretty, that we were seriously thinking about moving to Fürth after we got home from the meet-up... actually I´m still thinking about it <_<)
"We" - because we went there all together with my boyfriend and Satan and took part in quite a big lolita picnic in the middle of the "park"......but of course in a safety distance from the swarm of cosplayers and otaku =D

The festival itself was inside of community house and it wasn´t anything special (AkiMatsuri in Prague still rules !!!). But it didn´t matter, because we still had a great time and when it got late we moved to Japanese restaurant. Which was really great and the food was delicious *o* NOM NOM

I had a dream-combo sushi - the one on left was filled with egg plants and the one on right with asparagus *o*

Not only the weather, company and food was great I also REALLY liked my outfit ♥ I think I finally reached what I wanted - a combination of lolita, mori-kei, dreadlocks and handmade/second-hand clothes =) PERFECT !

floral headband - DIY
skirt - handmade by Reiko
top - bought on swap-meet
necklace - gift from KK =)

And now I´m leaving for an adventure in mountains !
This year we decided to replace wild nights at WGT in Leipzig with a week in Alps ♥
(... I´m getting old, or more mori than goth...or both =D ha ha)
I´m really looking forward to it *o* I´m taking my hula hoop and sketch books with me, we even bought tracking shoes and waterproof jackets ! This is serious !!! =D
...now let´s keep fingers crossed that I won´t lose my camera in the mountain stream like I did two years ago <_< eh

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pátek 15. května 2015

Tassilo-Fest on Chiemsee

Hello, my dear readers ♥

The time of historical festivals and summer adventures is here ! I love it *o* so much to do, so much to see !

Our first adventure of this year was Tassilo Fest - historical market at the lakeside of beautiful Chiemsee. It was quite far away, but since I couldn´t go to lolita meet-up because of the damn striking trains we decided to go so we didn´t have to stay at home the whole weekend =)

Weather was beautiful and after one and half hour we arrived at the lakeside full of stalls with delicious food, beer, mead and all kinds of handmade things to buy. The band playing there was Furunkulus, which we already knew from Kaltenberg and were happy to hear them again....the only one who wasn´t happy to hear their mighty drums and huge gong was Satan >_< but after we moved a bit far away he enjoyed the music as well.....I´m sure about it =D

We arrived just in the right time for lunch and so the first thing we did was eating *o* I had an absolutely delicious grilled meat on a stick, half of grilled feta cheese and a small version of Flammkuchen with potatoes and cheese ...I´m hungry just when I think about it =D nom nom

childred could take a ride in small viking ship =)

Satan enjoying leftovers on the stick from my grilled meat =D

historical merry-go-round =)

I decided to wear my new crochet elven vest for the very first time, because I finally finished it a few days before ! "finally" is the perfect word in this case, because I started it a year ago, it took ages to crochet it and when I was almost at the end I run out of yarn and guess what...they didn´t have this shade of grey anymore >_< so I was waiting....and waiting......and after a year I asked the lady at the yarn shop why they didn´t restock it and she told me that this particular colour was discontinued and they have a darker one instead.........well, whatever ! I did the hood darker and added some rows at edges and it looks good anyway =) but most importantly IT´S FINISHED ! =D

This time we decided to spend all our money for food and drinks, so our loot consists only of a beautiful bracelet for me and absinth potion for Honza´s friend =)

It was such a great day !
If we have time next year we will come back for sure ♥

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pátek 8. května 2015

The Buzz of Coca-Cola

Hi, my dear readers ♥

Same as every year, at the end of March I went to Prague to finally meet with THE WHOLE "Rambling Company of Peculiar Heroes", except for Míša who is currently in USA (lucky one !). It´s really crazy - we used to see each other everyday, even on weekends and when not IRL we met online in Rune-Midgard =D And now? We hardly meet with three of us when I´m in Prague and only ONCE in year we are complete ! I guess we all grew old and busy... pff -_-

I don´t know why, but Tercenya´s b-day is always one big party at someone´s place with tons of food and no sleep. This year wasn´t different, of course - we spent the whole night eating, playing Prophecy and listening to crazy old Czech pop songs...and of course we didn´t sleep at all ! (...sometimes I´m thinking that we act like kids, really <_< we weren´t even drunk, just tired because we´re all getting old for all-night cardboard games marathon =D)

I knitted shawl for Tercenya, but I will show it to you in a separate post together with another knitted gift ♪ So here, at least, have one of these "pretty" songs - our favourite ! GEJZÍÍÍÍR

for non-Czech speaking readers - the main part of the songs is something like this

just me and my crew,
the buzz of Coca-Cola


And now for the thing I wanted to originally talk about... an outfit !
A few day before this happened, I went to H&M to found out that the recent "strega" collection is now finally on sale - which is great, but terrible at the same time - most of the clothing were made in China and Bangladesh, so I couldn´t buy them, because otherwise I would feel awful......so I was looking for something made in "better" countries and got three things from Turkey. The working conditions aren´t good in Turkey as well, but still better than in Bangladesh or Cambodia, I hope.......yeah, the lesser evil I would call it... but mostly I GOT WEAK AND BOUGHT IT ARGGH because it was pretty >_< eehhh
I bought - leggins, skirt and this top/dress
I am a sinner, I know

sunglasses - C&A
earrings - DIY
necklace - DraculaClothing
top - H&M
shoes - Vagabond

Those who follow my instagram probably noticed, that I´m currently obsessed with round glasses =D  We call them "lennonky" in Czech which means Lennon´s glasses, as you probably understood even without my explanation =) I haven´t got any since we were hippies at primary school with my best friends, which is maybe more than 10 years ago ?!! oh my, I´m getting old !

Since I bought them I didn´t wear any others - they´re just perfect ! Weird and pretty - "uglybeautiful" as I call it =D same as the other two things I bought for summer - denim high-waisted shorts and vest ha ha =D

Do you have any plans for what to wear in spring or summer? Do you have any "fashion resolutions", like "I will finally start wearing mori-girl/lolita/strega/nothing only" ? What´s your inspiration for summer ? For me it´s a really weird combo - mori + strega + neo-grunge + hippie

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pondělí 4. května 2015


Hi, my dear readers ♥

Do you know that feeling when you just want to dress up, go outside and take photos ? .. for no reason, just to wear something crazy, feel like a fairy and then go home =D ? I have it quite often, but of course I don´t have time to go outside and take photos everytime I get some great outfit idea ! So lately I started to make piles ... piles of clothes, nice outfits which I want to wear, but I don´t know when...just ONE DAY =D
And this is one of them - I bought this cute short dress in January and then found the green vest in second-hand shop and those amazing tights in C&A....aaand put it together ...wow this definitelly needs to be worn with pixie ears...and yay I have a pixie outfit, but it´s -5°C outside and no event where to wear it in sight.......
...so I was waiting, waiting, yeah and one day I just dressed up like this for walking the dog and we took some photos in the nearby park =D ha ha

The sunlight was really strong, so the photos are not as much as I wanted them to be....BUT I still like them =)

earrings - DIY
green dress - Gudrun Sjõdén
vest - second-hand shop
tights - C&A
shoes - H&M

... and my favourite =D

Have e’er you seen the Pixies, the fold not blest or banned?
They walk upon the waters; they sail upon the land,
They make the green grass greener where’er their footsteps fall,
The wildest hind in the forest comes at their call.

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥

pátek 24. dubna 2015

The Lonely Tree Shawl

Hello, my dear readers ♥

Not a long while ago, thanks to blog of Czech yarn store Vlněné Sestry ("Yarn Sisters") I discovered a blog and ravelry profile of Sylvia Bo Bilvia. Who is a cute girl from Canada, making easy and great-looking knitting patterns.
After I looked trough all of her ravelry, I instantly wanted to knit EVERYTHING and NOW. So it´s no wonder that even though I already have 1000km of yarn in my stash, I bought a three new skeins as soon as I got out of the door... and started knitting my very first lace shawl in the moment I got back and sat on sofa =D

It was hard to chose which one make first, but my love for leaves is strong so The Lonely Tree Shawl won !

As I said before, it was first time for me to knit lace shawl, but the pattern is so easily written that I started just once (!) and almost haven´t done any mistakes thought the whole knitting ! So much fun !
I really recommend her patterns for everyone who knows a bit about knitting, but don´t want to spend the rest of life making simple garter stitch scarves =D. 
I´ve learn a lot thanks to this and now I´m really confident about reading patterns and diagrams.......which is terrible, because I want to knit EVERYTHING *o*

I used 2 skeins of a beautiful yarn Rico Design Tasai, knitting needles n.5 and this pattern ♥

Tibetian necklace - Samsara // Himalife
dress - Gudrun Sjõdén
cardigan - second-hand shop

...and since then I finished two more shawls and finally my huge crimson sweater !
I can´t wait to show it all to you =)

Currently I got back to crochet and I´m trying to add a cape to an "elven" vest I started about year ago =D wish me good luck !

Have a beautiful day, everyone ♥